Thompson Plyler


At different times in his life, Thompson has been a Marine, a visual effects artist, a stand-up comedian, and a personal trainer. He's been playing Dungeons and Dragons since he was 9, when he would open the DMG and give his friends all the coolest magical items. He's originally from Florida, but he's refused to leave New York City since he got here in 2004. 


Ben Charles



Ben is a performer and multimedia artist living in Astoria Queens with his super cool wife Laura.  He grew up inthe Western US and loves all things fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. Ben loves games and currently believes that D&D is the greatest game ever. 


Steel Filipek


Steele Tyler Filipek is one of the world’s leading transmedia writers and producers. As executive editor at Starlight Runner Entertainment, he has designed story worlds and nonlinear narrative design for such franchises as Halo, Transformers, Dexter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. He has also created large-scale campaigns for projects ranging from branding (Reebok, Pepperidge Farm) to nonprofit work (the government of Colombia, Curtin University). In addition, Filipek has written numerous children’s books, screenplays, television scripts, comic books, video games, comedy, and radio dramas, while lecturing at Feirstein GSoC, Rutgers-Camden, and many other universities. 

Paul Kite


Paul is a creator, director, actor, deviser, etc. living and working in Brooklyn. He's originally from Austin (TX!) but found his way to New York by way of Indiana and New Jersey. Do it for the Fat Lady.


Andre Silva


Actor, improviser, alive, these are just a few words that describe Andre. He's been gaming for as long as he can remember, and reenacting scenes from movies he just watched long before that. Andre first started playing D&D as a preteen, and was hooked ever since he saved Alabern from some goblins. Originally from Rockville, Maryland, he moved to New York City four years ago and has decided he will most likely never live anywhere else. 


Brendan Titley 


Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Brendan grew up on a nerdy diet of Star Trek:TNG, They Might Be Giants albums, sneaking into Gen. Con. and, of course, D&D. He's an NYU Grad-trained actor (o'leven!!!), and currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and cat. His favorite Magic:TG colour is Red.